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Whilst many of us might take fresh water from our taps for granted, there are many regions in Australia that do not have access to the same services. Solo Water aims to address this need by embracing innovative technologies that help to improve our customers quality of life, whilst better utilising the planet’s limited resources.


Recycled Water

Solo Water is a main proponent for recycled water. Utilising recycled water is a sustainable approach to managing precious drinking water resources. By recycling wastewater, you are reducing the amount of drinking resources that are being consumed. Not only is this beneficial to the environment, but it also reduces the cost of typical utility bills for the customer.


Our achievements

Located in the historical town of Catherine Hill Bay, The Beaches development is set to bring affordability to the area and will offer many individuals the opportunity to live in a truly remarkable area. The only downside of this remote residential village is its inability to access traditional water utilities. With Solo Water's advanced recycling technology, however, the home owners of Beaches will be able to maintain their houses and landscaped gardens all year round to an impeccable standard. Not only that, but they will be able to do so whilst minimising their impacts on the environment and helping contribute to a more sustainable future.

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