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About Us


About Solo Water

Solo Water is a water utility, and waste water treatment company, created to focus on services in the water industry while utilising the capabilities of Solo Resource Recovery and their 83 years working with liquid waste disposal, and business waste disposal solutions, right across Australia in locations such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Tweed Heads, Adelaide, Perth, the Gold Coast, and more.

Solo Water is wholly Australian owned and operated company that utilises the latest technology to provide a sustainable solution to the nation’s water industry. Solo Water is able to reduce the burden on our country’s precious water resources by recycling water to the highest standard.

This, in turn, benefits the customer through lower water costs and helps preserve the environment for future generations. The efficient use of water resources means less restrictions will be placed on the residents in the future should we have to begin rationing our water usage once more

Solo Water operates under an Integrated Management System that is Externally Certified under the International Organisation for Standardisation requirements by TQCS International under the Governance and Accreditation of JAS-ANZ. What this means is that further to the standard required Industry Based Certifications and Accreditations, our business provides the highest level  of standards in relation to Quality Management ISO: 9001-2015 and Environmental Management ISO:14001-2015. This is an achievement in which we take great pride and a guarantee that not many of our competitors can offer.

Our Mission

Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, our mission is providing our customers with a high quality, safe and reliable water supply and sewerage service that is economically and environmentally sustainable.

Our Vision

To offer sustainable solutions to challenges faced by developers, industry leaders and government. To reduce the burden placed on water a precious resources.


Our Focus

Our ultimate goal is to provide sustainable cost effective water solutions to developers of all sizes, local government and businesses. Our integrated approach with the clients allows us to tailor a solution that will maximise the return.

Fundamental to Solo Water is our constant drive to utilise an environmental friendly approach wherever possible. We do this by

  • Using local wastewater and converting it to a highest standard Class A+recycled water
  • Reducing the wastewater that would otherwise be pumped in the waterways
  • Creating a sustainable resource for the benefit of future generations


Through our affiliations with prominent organisations in Australia, we are able to offer our clients a superior water recycling solution that utilising the latest in technology and meets all of the necessary standards and regulations. Our current associations include:

  • Solo Water operates in NSW under the Water Industry Competition Act 2006 (WIC Act).
  • Recognised BASIX NSW.

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