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Beyond offering our valued clients a viable alternative to traditional water utility services, Solo Water aims to provide an exceptional level of customer service as well. Just because you’re utilising a sustainable provider of water resources doesn’t mean you should compromise on dedicated assistance when you need it.

Emergencies and Faults

if your water infrastructure is not performing as expected, then ensure you get in touch with us so we can organise to have them inspected and repaired. We will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible so you are not put out for longer than you have to be. We understand how detrimental an emergency fault can be for your property, which is why we always strive to arrange a timely solution.

Building over one of our assets

If you have had our recycled water system installed at your residential property and were looking to extend your home to cover the asset, we can review your building plans to ensure what you propose will not prevent access to or damage any pipes. We work closely with many developers when installing our systems and understand the do's and dont's when it comes to property extensions and water utilities.

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For those who were interested in learning more about how our innovative water
recycling systems work, contact us today on 1300 7656 98.